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Gemini – Mithuna Rashi

Cancer – Karka Rashi

Gemini – Mithuna Rashi
May 21 – Jun 21

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is represented by the symbol of the Twins. Gemini is an air sign and is known for their communication skills, versatility, and adaptability.

People born under the Gemini sun sign are natural communicators. They are skilled at expressing themselves both verbally and in writing, and are often very social and outgoing. They have a quick wit and are always ready with a clever comment or joke.

Gemini individuals are also very versatile and adaptable. They are able to adapt to new situations and environments quickly and easily, and are always willing to try new things. They thrive on variety and change, and get bored easily with routine.

Gemini individuals are also known for their dual nature. They can be charming and outgoing one minute, and moody and withdrawn the next. They have a tendency to be indecisive and can have trouble making up their minds about things.

In relationships, Gemini individuals are fun-loving and playful. They enjoy flirting and banter, and are not afraid to show their affection. However, they can also be somewhat flighty and may have trouble committing to a long-term relationship.

Overall, Gemini individuals are known for their communication skills, versatility, and adaptability. They are social and outgoing, and enjoy trying new things and experiencing new adventures. While they can be indecisive and somewhat flighty at times, their charm and sense of humor make them fun and entertaining companions.

Gemini – Mithuna Rashi and Their General Character

Good Speakers, Sharp and Funny, Curious and Interested, Fond of Information

Gemini – Mithuna Rashi and Their Nakshatras

  • Mrigaseera-2 Padas
  • Aridra-4 Padas
  • Punarvasu-3 Padas

Gemini – Mithuna Rashi and Their Gunas


Gemini – Mithuna Rashi and Their Colours


Gemini – Mithuna Rashi and Cause of Death

Catarat, Asthma, Mental Deviation, Loss of Appetite

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