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General Character of Guru

GURU: spiritual, Noble, decent, respectable, self-governing, and loyal.


GURU Self, Belly , Nose, Fat , Thigh, Feet, Flush, PUJA Room in the house, Judge, Guide, educator, anchor, Education Minister, administrator, legal representative, Accountant, Auditor, Vedas, Temples, viewpoint, Honey, deity, Cow, reputation, respect, Respect, Truth, tolerance, humbleness. mudpot, saffron cloth, Brahma, choultry, hospitals, prayer halls, root of trees, tail of snake, rope, chain, web or net, gutter, dried grass, herbs, trunk of elephant, banyan tree, writing, flag, secrecy, dispute, litigation, obstacle.


Jupiter: In Sanskrit it is named as Brahspati grah. It is believed to be the incarnation of Vishnu. It represents the ninth and twelfth house in the native chart. It is Deva’s Gurus [Guru of Devtas]. It is considered to be the most benefic planet in the Astrology. All religious scriptures like vedas, smritis, Puranas, educational pursuits etc. etc. come under the domain of Jupiter. Benefic Jupiter plus benefit saturn produces top level Lawyers. It represents Courts and legal education institutions, yello colours, Saffron., Sadhus, Sanyasis, Brahmins, Pilgrims. It diverts one thinking towards higher learning, and bestows upon the natives a lot of exploring intellectual and spiritual ideas for a higher level of living. The native with a beneficial Jupiter always speaks Intellectually. These people are great thinkers.From the marriage point of view, it is the most important planet in the horoscope, especially in the females. It Gemstone is Yellow Sapphire [Pukhraj].

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