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Before you venture and proceed to visit my website, I would like to brief you about the background and the surroundings which encouraged me to learn, deeply study, research and carry out the findings of my research and its application on the native charts of the clients prepared on... Read More


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According To Astrology, All The Planets Move At Their Own Pace And Keeping That Speed In Mind, According To The Transit, The Astrologer's Predictions Are Made Every Day.

In Astro Guru Mantra, This Daily Horoscope Is Available For All 12 Zodiac Signs Every Day Without Any Fee, You Can Do Many Of Your Tasks Smoothly By Adopting Astrological Advice And Remedies In Your Daily Life, You Can Solve Many Of Your Problems By Adopting Small Remedies Advised By Guru Preet Gee At Astro Guru Mantra.

Astrology Is A Very Big Scripture In Itself, Which To Understand Completely, One Goes To Ask For Crossing An Ocean, But From Time To Time Taking Very Small Measures You Can Solves Many Problems In Daily Life. It Can Be Found That You Just Need To Understand Astrology; You Can Also Solve So Many Daily Problems By Reading The Daily Horoscope Column.

Astro Guru Mantra And Guru Preet Gee Is Always Striving For Research And Development Of Astrology And Is Committed To Its Promotion.

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The Gods of Vaastu • The Gods of Vaastu : The Northeast is that the position for Dharma, the god of morality and is that the place for worship, meditation and reflexion. Indra, the god of gods, is positioned at the East. The jap direction is that the harbinger of...
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Many Problems Of Normal Life Like Quarrelsome Married Life, Huge Losses In Business, Heavy Loans, Extra Marital Affair, Court Cases, Job, Enemy, Long Illness Or Foreign Travel, Partnership Business, Home Tribulation, Difference In Love Affair, Problem In Love Marriage, Child Problem, Miscarriage, Psychological Problems, Tension Due To Bad Effect Of Planets Anyone Can Follow.

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At Astro Guru Mantra we work under the guidance of our head of the ‘spiritual guru’ Team,GURU PREET GEE. A choice that make the difference Astro Gurumantra is committed to helping its clients to fulfill their aspirations and goals relating to their success in life through astrological remedies based on various,poojas,and upayays. Astro Guru Mantra do not insist or force for undergoing the upayas but simply shows them the way and leaving it upon the clients whether to get the upayays done through Astro Guru Mantra or from any one else depending upon the choice of the clients. Clients choose us because of our sincerity, honesty and commitment and dedication to our astrological advice. At Astro Guru Mantra, it is a teamwork and based on a perfect commitment to good straightforward communication. The only aim of Astro Guru Mantra is to follow astrology’s best practice to serve humanity and astrology lovers in an excellent manner in a wider public interest.

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Millions Of Guru Preet Gee’s Followers Around The World Always Shared Their Thoughts And Experiences With Him, Who Seek Spiritual, Astrology, And Psychological, Consultation From Guru Preet Gee And Benefit From Guru Preet Gee Remedies Time To Time. Here Are Some Of Those Messages Shared Below :

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As Astro Guru Mantra’s expert advice in Astrology, Terot Readings, Numerology, Vastu remedies, upayays, poojas and programs are based on their rich experience of 30 years gained having seen thousands of related cases and astrological charts. The entire success of Astro Guru Mantra lies in its team’s dedicated devotion, sincere and whole hearted efforts.