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General Character of Budha

BUDHA: Intellectual, sociable, Witty and entertaining, passionate in Nature, shrewdness, tactful, Calculative, Soft spoken, Discriminative, Explorative , adjustable, Opportunities.


BUDHA Maternal Uncle, Father-in-law, Younger Brother (3rd), Girl friend, Boy friend, Younger Sister, wife, business and trade, Book Selling and Publishing, Accountant, assessor, lyricist, author, stand-up comedian Actor, Astrology, artist, legal representative, tutor, lecturer, teaching assistant, Scientists, Research Engineer, Grocery shop, Hands, neckline, Shoulder, Skin, Forehead, Tongue, Throat, guest Hall, reading Room, Plastering of the Walls (house) , backyard, Park, Land, teaching, Business, good looks, Mud walls, Crops , Leaves, in order, listing, Speech, fluency, Knowledge, Activity, Thoughts, Tricks, international relations, Cunningness, soft things, soil.


Mercury: It represents Green colours, third and sixth house in the natal chart; Bua [father’s sisgters], behan [native’s sisters especially younger sisters] and beti [ daughters of the native], female deities, Durga temples, stationery, schools, colleges and all educational institutions, Universities, female dancers, Eunacs, Gyms, Gymnasts, Athletes and players and sports clubs etc., books, vegetations, plantations, green fields, goat, Business houses, treasury, libraries, printing presses, Information and Technology industry, computers, IT computer hardwares and softwares, recreation clubs. Its Gem Stone is Emarld.

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