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General Character of Mangal

Mangal: egocentric, brave, fast, obstinate, egotistical, antagonistic, Emotional, Dominating, self-centered, Spendthrift, argumentative, fool, falls for Flattery, brave, annoyance, rapid, Adamant, Retaliating, Cut and dry, tough hearted.


MANGAL: Little Brother (2), husband, police force, armed force, engineer, skier, Unionleader, master of Surgery, cultivation, eye forehead, t th, blood, cardiac area, semen, bone tomorrow, Bridge of the nose, bedroom, oven, energy meter, transformer, electrical motors, heater, stone, pillars, Beams, Earth, Hill, Mountain, rocks, mines, metal, spears, bullets, enemies, hard substance, scissors, triangular shape, power, needle, knife, fork, arrow, machinery, weapons, agriculture.


Mars: It represents the first and eighth house of the natal chart, red colours, younger brothers, bones marrow, courage in living creatures, armies, young males in living creatures, all places where fire is burnt, horses, oxen, buffaloes, lions, mines, warriors and all battle fields. It represents Male daity Hanuman ji, Operation theaters in Hospitals, , Automobile industry. Malific mars causes accidents, loss of bloods, bruises, deliberate wastage of semen, causes blood impurities related diseases like anemic, blood cancers, piles, BP, leprosy, intestinal problems abdominal pain Psychatric patients, mentrual disorders in the females, skin eczema and itching of skin , sore throat coupled with tonsils, dumbness, production of ring worm in human body, leucoderma , hernia, bronchitis, liver related complication and jaundice etc. human legs calf muscles. Its Gem Stone is Red Coral.

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