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Numerology is a science of numbers. Numerology occult information of statistics is completely based mostly on numbers. This can be simply arithmetic.

This can be not as onerous because the customary or the western star divination. There are solely 9 numbers in {numerology |discipline| subject| subject ara |subject field | field| field of study |study |bailiwick |branch of knowledge} and every one alternative numbers are the derived numbers. that's once you speak the numbers then it implies that between one to nine, like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 only. 

However once you speak say twenty nine or sixteen or no matter it's going to be, then it implies that variety twenty nine is containing 2 digits i. e. 2 & 9, that ar coming back from identical series of the numbers. There fore what we've got to try to to up here is, we've got to travel on adding these 2 digits, until it leads to to a 1 variety. currently you see, this twenty nine becomes, 2+9=11. currently add up once more, it becomes 1+1=2.There fore resultant variety is 2.

All the numbers have their own significance the necessity is to follow them as per the discipline terms. simply from your date of birth even, you'll be able to estimate all of the vital happenings of the past, gift or the longer term. you'll be able to understand the universal analysis of the qualities or the temperament terribly simply. you'll be able to decide your lucky numbers, lucky days, lucky colors or lucky stones yourself conjointly. A ready-made chart for identical is additionally given as underneath for your day to day activities or reading.

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