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General Character of Chandra

CHANDRA: unpredictable, unreliable, creative, Imaginative , helpful, Likes Changes and journey, peaceful, double-crossing.


CHANDRA : Mom, feminine, Mother-in-law, spouse, Artists, Hotel industry, Milk stall, Fancy Articles, movements, gardening, script poetry’s, and Stories, Grocery shop, Medical store, Breast, abdomen, Urinary path, Left Eye, Left side skylight of the house, Both Room & Latrine, wet Places like Lake, Sea, Well, River. Mind, dislocation, change of place, Kum Kum, Art, fluid articles, Food articles, haze, rainwater, thief, faithlessness, News, action, Light, secret Activities, Astrology, Vedas, drug, Cloths.


Moon: It is a female plant and is the second reflected source of light which it derives from the sun and reflects the same light to the earth. It represents the fourth house of the natal chart, mother and is the lord of the fourth house in the natal chart. Its light is cooling and soothing. It represents milky colour, left eye, left side of the body of living creatures, watery places like bath rooms, rivers, ponds, canals and all such places wherever water is running like rivers and ponds i.e. accumulated water and water is used in places like where washer men wash clothes, kitchens and pantry, lavatories, swimming pools, wine making distilleries, blood, As opposite to Sun its abodes are temples of female deity Parvati. Its Gem Stone is Pearl.

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