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Before you venture and proceed to visit my website astrogurumantra.com, I would like to brief you about the background and the surroundings which encouraged me to learn, deeply study, research and carry out the findings of my research and its application on the native charts of the clients prepared on the fundamentals of this ancient science of Astrology and its various branches, I wish to share my entry in this vast field.

My father and elder brother have been voracious readers of all kinds of books and thus have accumulated a big library of books relating to all subjects. My father has a religious and spiritual bent of mind and most of his time, used to remain busy reading and contemplating religious scriptures and books. Imbibing the spirit of reading from his father, my elder brother also developed the same habits, meaning thereby that there has been an atmosphere of educational pursuits. Apart from having obtained legal qualifications, my elder brother learnt Astrology from the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi in 1986-87 and started concentrating on this ancient science. A lot of his intimates used to consult him about their problems and seek his guidance.

I used to observe and curiously notice all this. This inculcated an interest in me also about this science. I requested my brother to teach this science to me also. He suggested the names of some astrological books of renowned and famous writers and popular magazines and I used to pick up those books from his library and used to study them and then discuss with him on various topics. But I did not stop there and my thirst for gaining more and more knowledge did not satisfy rather it went on increasing as much as I tried to quench it. This urged my soul to make more and more efforts to obtain in-depth knowledge of this ancient science. I took in-depth astrological training from various teachers and gurus at Hardwar, Rishi Kesh, Mathura, Chennai etc. This created confidence in me and gradually I started practicing in 1998 this ancient science on the astrological charts of my friends and close intimates. Having gained self-confidence based on the feedback received from them, I ventured to become a professional astrologer and have thousands of satisfied clients and pupils in India, Canada, Dubai, America, the U.K., Nepal and so many other countries. Today I am in a position to handle any kind of typical problems and suggest remedies relating thereto. Therefore, through the above events the journey of my becoming an astrologer started and is still continuing this endless undertaking and virtuous mission.

Despite all that is said above, I maintain that without daily prayers before your deity, to whom so ever you pray, you cannot make good predictions without their blessings.

NOTE: Last but not least, I suggest you not base your remedies on computer software-generated astrological charts since these make generalized predictions whereas, for each and every particular astrological chart, the predictions and remedies are made depending upon the position of each planet positing on particular degrees and their combinations and aspects with other planets So please follow remedies suggested by your astrologers instead of blindly following the remedies made on generalized predictions.

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At Astro Guru Mantra we work under the guidance of our head of the ‘spiritual guru’ Team,GURU PREET GEE. A choice that make the difference Astro Gurumantra is committed to helping its clients to fulfill their aspirations and goals relating to their success in life through astrological remedies based on various,poojas,and upayays. Astro Guru Mantra do not insist or force for undergoing the upayas but simply shows them the way and leaving it upon the clients whether to get the upayays done through Astro Guru Mantra or from any one else depending upon the choice of the clients. Clients choose us because of our sincerity, honesty and commitment and dedication to our astrological advice. At Astro Guru Mantra, it is a teamwork and based on a perfect commitment to good straightforward communication. The only aim of Astro Guru Mantra is to follow astrology’s best practice to serve humanity and astrology lovers in an excellent manner in a wider public interest.

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Promptness is the key to attend the queriest at Astro Guru Mantra. Astro Guru Mantra is quick in attending calls of the queriests and providing fast remedies for the problems of the clients. Tradition at Astro Guru Mantra is totally different from other astrologers, who before responding checks the patience of the queriests and thus they give long dates appointments and when pressed again and again agrees for early hearings. Conversely at Astro Guru Mantra we get back to call you to know your problem and then try to resolve your problem at the earliest possible.


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As Astro Guru Mantra’s expert advice in Astrology, Terot Readings, Numerology, Vastu remedies, upayays, poojas and programs are based on their rich experience of 30 years gained having seen thousands of related cases and astrological charts. The entire success of Astro Guru Mantra lies in its team’s dedicated devotion, sincere and whole hearted efforts.