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General Character of Sun

SURYA: religious, dependable, humanitarian, reputable, Able Administrator, Kind and bighearted, admired.


SURYA: Father, Son, King, Prime Minister, President, Administrator, Chief Minister, Govt. Officers, Politicians, Sole, God, Name & Fame, Brightness, Capital City, Power, Palace, Right Eye, Right side, Right side Windows of the House.


Sun: It is a male planet and is the all powerful source of energy and light in the world. Its light is intensely hot and scorching. It represents fifth house of the natal chart, bones, orange colour, father, bones, Government and all state actions, Government jobs, soul, heart, right eye, the source of total energy and right side of the body in all the living creatures etc. etc. Its abodes are big open grounds and fields, it also represents the male deity temples of Shiv Shankar, deserts and wide open fields, Eye specialists and Orthopedics, eye surgeons. Due to excessive heat in the body it causes fever, lack of appetite, heart problems, thirst, sun strokes and indigestion and diarrhea etc. Strong sun in the natal chart makes a persons top level politicians, Prime Ministers, Ministers and big officers in the Government. It also renders medical education and makes big top reputed doctors. Its Gem Stone is Ruby.

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