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vastu shastra

Astro Guru Mantra vastu shastra

The Gods of Vaastu
• The Gods of Vaastu : The Northeast is that the position for Dharma, the god of morality and is that the place for worship, meditation and reflexion. Indra, the god of gods, is positioned at the East. The jap direction is that the harbinger of excellent luck, that comes into the house through the door. Kubera, the god of wealth, resides within the North. Agni, the god of fireplace, lives within the Southeast corner, this could be the place of the room. Yama, the god of death, resides within the South. He protects US from the looking at. Niruthi, World Health Organization prevents homes from being robbed, dwells in the Southwest corner, a secure place for valuables. Varuna, the god of water, lies to the West, wherever the lavatory ought to be. Vayu is the god of wind and air, is at the North west corner . Hindu deity promotes serenity, peace and calm. a decent place for the chamber.

Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra deals with this matter whereas building homes and additionally with utilization of 5 basic parts out there freely for people in general on this Earth. this {can be} a universally applicable science and that we can see from our past however folks lived blithely following the learnings of this science.
This science additionally deals with materials like wood, cement, steel etc. that is ultimately called Vaastu Samudaya. it’s accepted that earth spins around its North-South axis and is additionally canted from the axis towards North. North-East Zone has positive cosmic energy and is so important.

Energy travels from North to South creating Semi-spherical energy lines and keeping the center portion (Brahma Sthan) with weak flow of energy. it’s for these reasons that plot dimensions area unit recommended area unit sometimes 1:11/2 size or a 1:2 size. As this may be seen if the length of the plot is a lot of, the energy flow becomes feeble on all the four sides.

This can be proved by Einstenian theory of theory of relativity additionally. we’ve got studied thoroughly an oversized range of living accommodations homes wherever Vaastu principles weren’t discovered. The inmates were suffering either from money losses, health issues, thefts, accidents, court proceeding, incurable diseases etc. The remedial measures through Vaastu helped loads and gave instant relief in most of the cases.

The result’s being obtained with the assistance of AN admixture of alternative energy, earth’s magnetic energy, gravitation and cosmos energy. so there’s no involvement of caste, creed or faith in obtaining the advantages from Pyramid Power. This expertise is additionally in line with the analysis created by our ancient Rishis on this subject.

• The 5 Elements: Vaastu shastra helps one to urge the natural advantages freely offered by the 5 basic components (Pancha bootha) of the universe during which we have a tendency to all live. The 5 components area unitAkash (SKY), Prithvi (EARTH), Paani (WATER, Agni (FIRE) and Vayu (WIND).

Vastu Shastra is applied by keeping harmonical with these basic 5components of nature. it’s Associate in Nursing structure science that was developed by our learned folks thousands of years past. Its application these days is solely {architectural| discipline| subject| subject area unit a |subject field |field |field of study| study| bailiwick |branch of knowledge |fine arts |beaux arts} and its principles are supported turning into one with nature. Like star divination and chirology, it’s a massive science, simply misunderstood by the majority. the majority everywhere the planet won’t consider before disbursal Brobdingnagian amounts of money on planning their homes and that they ought to justly do thus. however once the house doesn’t bring them peace and harmony and instead the unwell effects of vaastu area unit knowledgeable about, an equivalent folks consult astrologers, palmists, tarot readers and a few blame their destiny or luck.
Vaastu is actually the art of correct settings – one will place himself in such a fashion on derive most advantages. the traditional relics say that Vaastu relies on 2 forces “positive” and “negative” that area unit perpetually interacting with one another on the surface of the land. These forces get disturbed whenever any structure is erected on a vacant land, and act to keep up a balance.
Vaastu is much the science of building or science of structures. tho’ not absolutely backed by scientific principles, it is accepted as a science that’s backed by results and observations solely .The present day vaastu absorbs the theories of the past and super-imposes it on the geographical region of these days. Vaastu is Associate in Nursing subject, that is sanctioning man to measure harmonical with nature.

The characters that qualify Vaastu as a science area unit rationality, duplicate of a theory, permanency, catholicity, replicability, and utility. Vaastu relies on gravity and weights, that could be a universal law, and therefore it is custom-made to the dynamic situation of the society.


• Living soil-trees and plants flourish and therefore the plot from a distance appearance inexperienced and has enough water

• White coloured soil-for those in information, education and learning

• Red- for power and in govt. service

• Yellow-for those in business

• Black-for those doing physical work


THE LAND: The north and east facing plots square measure ideal. The south and west facing plots square measure second. Following plots should be avoided

• Which have naturally trees that yield opaque sap on cutting

• On that shadows of temple fall close to bridges, moats and with giant holes in close plots

• On the border of the city or center of the village and that is often wet

• With a lake on the corner and with stagnation of waste water

• With pebbles, insect hills, huge rocks and boulders


DEPRESSIONS : within the east and northeast area unit sensible. If the south, west, north west And south west zones of a plot area unit naturally raised and if the east, north east, and therefore the north area unit naturally depressed and therefore the road is within the north or east or each, this land in keeping with the sastras yield never-ending wealth.


TREES AND PLANTS: No trees opposite doors. No thorny plants. No plants that yield opaque sap on cutting. No plants with red flowers. Trees ought to be even in variety.


BUILDING : Excavation for the compound wall should start from the northeast; the development should begin from southwest to southeast thenfrom southwest to northwest.


COMPOUND WALL : the peak of the compound wall ought to be a minimum of 2 thirds of the peak of the most door .The northern wall ought to be designed solely when the home is completed. Walls ought to be designedsimply before the building of the house. The gates shouldn’t be within theextreme corner of the façade. Movement of the doors or gates ought to be right-handed. each the most gate and therefore the house door ought toface identical direction. Northeast is that the best place to own a well, water sumps and septic tanks. inserting Tulasi on the east and low-lying north yield sensible results. privy is disallowed within the northeast space automobileparks is inbuilt the northwest, southeast or the south west of the plot.


DOORS : it’s preferred to stay the door within the middle of the façade .If there’s a west entrance there should be AN east entrance too. If there’s just one entrance it ought to be placed in east or north .If the house has 2 doors then east together with north or west is allowed. If the doors area unit 3, doors excluding east or west is auspicious .The range of doors inside the house ought to be even in number. Main entrance could carries with it single or double doors.

If the most door is within the north east and facing north or east, within theeast and facing north east, within the south east and facing south, within thesouth and facing south east, within the west and facing north west – auspicious.


WINDOWS, WALLS, form CASE : There ought to be additional windows within the north and east than the south and west. {the range|the amount|the quantity} of windows ought to be even in number.The internal walls ought torun linearly and may not have bends, cuts, or curves.

The ideal proportions for size of the building area unit one.5:1, 2:1 for length to breadth. A sq. building isn’t sensible.The steps area unit best at the southwest zone. The south and west area unit second decisions. The riseought to be done from east to west or from north to south. the inner stairs shouldn’t bit the north or east walls of the building. The spiral stairwayshouldn’t be placed on the northeast corner


ROOMS : Bedrooms shouldn’t overlook water bodies, shouldn’t be placed on top of porticoes, automobile parks or room, shouldn’t be placed on four pillars with no construction to a lower place, shouldn’t be within the central space of the building or within the basement. Bedrooms will safely be placed in south west, west, south and north west of the building .The south east and therefore the north east provide the foremost fateful results amongst all the room positions.

Master bedroom is best within the southwest. The south room ought to have its door within the north facing northeast and therefore the west roomwithin the east facing northeast. The northeast bedrooms will have doors within the east facing northeast or south facing southeast .The wardrobe isfastened within the southwest and dresser in south or west. It ought to be ne’er placed opposite the bed. The bed ought to be placed within the south west of the area so there’s extra space within the north and east. The bed but shouldn’t be placed within the extreme corner of the area. No mirror ought to be placed opposite to the bed Kitchen, Prayer space, toilet : Southeast is that the best place for the roomand northwest is that the competitor choice. The cook ought to face the east.The stove mustn’t be in line with the door of the room .The racks ought to be placed within the south and west wall. The vessels square measure to be placed within the west and south walls. There mustn’t be {a toilet|a rest space|a bathroom} or bathing room particularly in north or east directions next to a room.

Room within the northeast is that the most most popular for Prayer space.Praying towards south and west is sweet.The western space between the southwestern space and also the northwestern space is to be the school room.
An exclusive toilet is permissible in northeast of the building as flow of water in northeast is sweet. Water ought to exit within the northeast ideally in underground channels not visible to the attention. bathrooms square measure most popular within the north west of the house, on condition thatthere’s evacuation facility. It ought to ne’er be within the northeast corner.

Lofts : Lofts ought to be a lot of within the south and west walls of the building. ne’er keep the loft at the northeast corner dust-covered or with cobwebs. Sleeping, consumption or learning likewise as decision-making mustn’t be done below a loft.

Cellars : Cellars will be established solely within the side, east side, and north east of a building. it’s higher to possess the shop space within the south west corner, side or side.

Dining Hall : feeding hall will be placed within the middle east or middle west. The board within the room itself will be placed within the northwest while not touching the north wall. Doors and windows within the level mustn’t be same as in range because the ground floor.


• The shoes and footwear ought to be placed within the southwest portion of the gallery or hall solely. Almirahs ought to be placed within the southwest corner of the space solely.

• Cots ought to be placed a lot of towards the south west of the space, however ne’er within the southwest corner. seat ought to be placed a lot oftoward the south and west of the front room.

• Place the study table within the south or west of the space. Mirrors ought tobe mounted solely on the north and east walls. No mirrors to be placed within the school rooms or opposite beds.

• Heating appliances should be placed within the south east of the space. Fridges ought to be placed within the northwest.

•Televisions mustn’t be placed in actual south east of the rooms.

• Vaastu acknowledges half dozen major colours and attributes a mood to every of them- White-laughter, Red -fury, Blue-repulsion, Yellow-supernatural, redness -heroism, and Grey- pathetic.
• Never use the northeast corner of the space for hanging any issue. Nude paintings, sculptures, scenes from Mahabharatha and Sanskrit literaturesquare measure to be avoided. ne’er exhibit stuffed animals or weapons within the house.

• Avoid succulent, plants with red flowers and tree of trees within the house .Do not place plants within the north east corner. Avoid pots on the north and east walls.


SLOPES : Slopes area unit most well-liked within the east and therefore thenorth directions solely. The slope or slant ought to be for the whole façade of the direction of the building. The slopes shouldn’t have an effect on the peakof the walls of the house.


THE SLOPE, RAISED PLACES & SHAPE: rain ought to flow eastward or northerly and exit the plot on the brink of the northeast corner. Land ought to slope to the northeast. If south, south east, west and therefore the center of the plot is raised it indicates prosperity. an oblong plot is that the ideal one. Open areas in east, south and north east is sweet.


VERANDHAS & OTHERS : Verandahs and balconies aren’t allowed in south or west.It is higher to create porticoes as cantilever structures. it’s sensible to create porticoes while not pillars. the very best purpose within the house ought to be within the southwest and also the lowest purpose within thenortheast. to put cistern within the southwest corner of the home is the simplest doable feature. The tank mustn’t rest on the ground of the terrace. It ought to be resting on four pillars .The tank must always be closed.

Flats or residences square measure technically many homes designed one over the opposite. therefore the fundamental construct of Vaastu is applicable to flats additionally. The southwest ought to be the very bestpurpose and northeast all-time low. it’s counseled to put the blocks a lot oftowards the south or west .The overhead tank and also the saucer ought tobe within the south west .The raise ought to be within the south or west zone. don’t place the room of 1 house adjacent to the room of another. Bedrooms will be gift solely in southwest, northwest, west and south.

Vaastu Purush : construct of VAASTU Purush in VAASTU Shastra is associate degree ancient one. As per the scriptures, once a fierce battle happened in times of yore between a demon Andhakasur and Lord knife. throughout the battle, some drops of Lord Shankar’s sweat fell on the bottom and gave birth to a formidable monster. The monster promptly began to kill the gods.

Acting in collaboration then, all the gods captured the monster and burried him together with his face facing down. The gods additionally granted a boon to pacify him: “You shall be adored altogether auspicious tasks.” Since the gods created associate degree abode on the monster, he came to be called VAASTU Purush. And since all the gods have associate degree abode on him, he’s adored by prudent folks.

Location of a House in an exceedingly Plot of Land : As per Vaastu, a house has got to be made in south west portion of the plot going a lot of space in north and east as shown within the image. The nearer the plot to a square; the higher it’s. A parallelogram plot may be thought-about if its length and breadth magnitude relation poles not exceed 11:2. A triangular form isn’t thought-about smart, as well as circles and every one alternative odd shapes.
Location of a House in an exceedingly Plot of Land :

• have roads by all four sides is the best plots

• It is desirable for the plot to possess quite one road frontage

• Roads on North and East square measure the simplest.

• For business, roads on South and West square measure smart

• North and West roads are smart

Location of Rooms in an exceedingly House : The which means of vastu is dwelling house, that is that the home for god and humans. Vastu shastra is predicated on numerous energies that comes from atmosphere like alternative energy from sun, cosmic energy, satellite energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, lightweight energy, wind energy. These energies will bebalanced to boost peace, prosperity and success.

If a home is created consistent with these principles, the inmates relish all the happiness in life. If it’s against vastu principals, it’ll be an area for all type of issues, worries and no peace.The location of assorted rooms and amenities within a home is given within the contiguous figure.

Manifestation of the results of Vaastu:

Manifestation of the results of Vaastu: The vaastu effects area unit extremely specific to sex, age, cluster and different classifications of the residents. equalisation of the weights of the elements of a plot is primary in finding out the vaastu of a plot. The heavier things during a plot area unit the building, water storage structures higher than the bottom, trees and even rubbish drop in several areas. The four styles of vaastu occurrences as well as each smart and dangerous area unit the cause, the trigger, the contributor, and therefore the moderator. There area unit four cardinal directions and 4corners wherever they meet. Corners area unit additional necessary than the most sides. the results of vaastu area unit extremely specific to the zones.

• NORTH Vayu controls northwest, Kuber controls middle north, Eshwar controls northeast.

Vayu – publicity, economic conditions, and improvement of business.
Kuberan – wealth
Eshwar – the lifetime of the female offspring and lineage.

Eshwar northeast,

Eshwar northeast, Indra-mid east, Agni-south east

Agni-south east, Yama-mid south, Nairu-south west. South controls the unhealthy aspects of life.

Nairu -southwest, Hindu deity middle west, Hindu deity northwest
The corners wherever 2 sides meet square measure named solely once the gods UN agency govern them. Easanya corner is that the northeast corner, Hindu deity the southeast, Nairudhi, the southwest, and Vayu, the northwest corner.

The 3 major sectors in environmental options are: physical options, neighborhood, and road options

Physical options (mountains, rivers, streams, ditches.) square measureterribly powerful than semisynthetic changes. Hills within the south, southwestern and western sides of the plot square measure ideal. The raised house within the east, northeast, north of the plot is unhealthy and people in south, southwest and west square measure smart. Trees directly opposite to the most door square measure unhealthy, however square measure helpful within the west, south-west, and south.
Avenue trees can create issues for north and east facing plots. the fundamentals of vaastu shastra put in force the necessity for effort the east open so light-weight falls freely from the rising sun. The house that is still in constant shade invitations diseases for the inhabitants. it’s not counseled to own a permanent residence with a read to an outsized water body.

Water bodies square measure helpful within the north, northeast and also the east of the plot. The rivers flowing within the northern facet of the plot is inauspicious and if it’s from west to east, or from south to east it brings voluminous wealth to the residents.
The vaastu elements presented naturally square measure a lot of powerful than semisynthetic changes.

• Large open areas within the northern and jap sides of the plot square measure helpful.

• The effluents of the neighbors shouldn’t flow into the plot. If the wall designed by the neighbor within the east or north is incredibly high then the alternative walls ought to be higher. The north east of the building ought tobe extended on the far side the neighbor’s buildings in north and east.

• East and North facing plots are auspicious and causes health and wealth.

• South and west facing plots-ordinary.

• If there square measure 2 roads for the plot it’s preferred to own 2 adjacent roads than to own 2 opposite roads. Plot at the tip of the road is alleged to mar all the progress.


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