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General Character of Shukra

SHUKRA: Sexy, passionate to food and drink, loving of delicious Foods, Fond of lavishness, creative, Passionate.


SHUKRA Sister, Wife, Daughter, SAALI, callgirl, Semen, Uterus, Ovaries, Cheek, Heart, Kitchen, melody, Dance, performing arts , Fancy Stores, money, Banking, Singing, Jewelry shop, Money Lending, Wineshop, animals farm , Cloth mercantile, be in love with, poems, flourish, sexual characteristics, wedding, home, happiness, Vehicles, lavishness, perfume, prosperity, charming, Charmingness, Sweet, intoxicants, good-looking, gorgeousness, top secret matters, Dancing Hall, Cinema.


Venus: It represents second and seventh house in the natal chart. It rules one’s conjugal relations and bed room conditions of married couples, it represents all places of recreation and entertainment like clubs, hotels, places where women of kings used to reside like harems, cinema halls, prostitution places, brothel houses, Banquet halls, scents and iters, beautiful silky and costly ladies dresses, female beauty queens, etc. beautiful girls, female actresses, All kinds of ornaments and parlour houses and all beauty related items, It shows off-white colours, it is Daitya’s [devils] Guru, it specifically represents sandal [chandan]. From marriage point of view its importance and placement in the natal chart cannot be ruled out for males. Its Gem Stone is Diamond.

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