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General Character of Shani

SHANI: Lazy, Stubborn RAHU: Thief, Courageous, Adventurous, Executive KETU: Miser, Philosopher, Fault finding in nature, Religious, Recluse, Fakir.


Shani big Brother, Servitude, Low salaried servant, occupation, Carrier, profession, jaw, foot, Buttocks, Anus, Knees, Foreleg, Digestive bladder, Store Room , Dining Hall, street, Windy Diseases, Woolencloths, Iron, Lead, spinning Wind, hurricane, Brick, lawyer, betting, Oil mine.


Saturn: It represents tenth and eleventh house in the natal chart. It is black in colour, represents labour classes, it represents old people, legs, knees, Saturn being malific it causes gas related diseases, Odema and pain in pegs and stops movement of the native. Its abodes are dirty places, huts, garbage grounds, old deserted and dilapidated forlorn buildings, remote locations, the combination of Jupiter and Saturn in one’s natal chart makes one a lawyer and if mercury is also associated with them, then one becomes a top level lawyer. When malefic in a natal chart, it causes a lot of strain and stress and depression and may even result in making a person a lunatic and a mental case. In a natal chart, Saturn represents the 10th and 11th house and thus it becomes the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius Houses. It makes one a hard working result oriented person. It makes one a good historian which needs very hard work and strict discipline. It represents the last part of the age in living creatures. Being had task master, it also acts as a judge of our old past karmas and gives results according to our past karmas. Its Gem Stone is Blue Sapphire [Neelam].

In addition to the above planets, there are two two shadowy planets also which basically cannot be called planets but only North and South crossing nods. But in our day to day, life they play a very vital and major role. Hence, their existence cannot be under estimated or ruled out.

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