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General Character of Rahu

CHANDRA: unpredictable, unreliable, creative, Imaginative , helpful, Likes Changes and journey, peaceful, double-crossing.


RAHU Paternal Grand-Father, overseas travels, Electronics, Avionics, artiste, cinematography, CBI detective, Defense, Smuggling, robber, oral cavity, skull, Ear, Lips, Intestine, Rectum, Testicles, Main entry, Old home, Dilapidated wall, Crack in the wall, dim room, huge hall, Tower, Egg shape, isolated region, broad road, surrounding circle, Round shape, darkness, vastness, fantasy, false impression, shadow, umbrella, wheel shape, circumference of wheel, Play ground, big size, open terrace, top spread of trees, dried wood, rubber, synthetic, dried buckskin.


Rahu : As it is a shadowy planet it does not have any specific house but behaves according to the traits of the house lord in which it is posed. It is the hind portion of a snake, it resides in holes and represents all creeping creatures, hills, cemeteries of Muslins and Christians, Tombs, Caves, , mosques, shrines. It represents mostly materialistic worldly desires. Menials, outcaste persons, illogical arguments, dirty habits, away from religious beliefs. It is very diplomatic in managing worldly affairs and is capable of evening converting one’s enemies into his best friends. But it’s behavior is always selfish. It always looks its own interests in every dealings with the other peoples. Its nature is always deceptive and is not trustworthy and its acts are mostly immoral. It is obstinate in its dealings. It represents dacoits, plunderers and all deceptive natured people. It represents Muslims and Christians. It behaves like saturn and is also called the agent of Saturn. In old age, it gives diseases like dementia and loss of energy and representing the taking of old people towards the end of their life. It deals in poisonous drugs. When it is posited in a beneficial house and in a friendly sign it gives power and fame, Political success and diplomacy to defeat its opponents. Rahu is interested only in those things that gives pleasure, and despite achieving all that it requires and yet it remains insatiable and is always unsatisfied with all its achievements. Though Rahu has no house of its own and yet virgo is considered to be its zodiacal sign, which is the sign of Mercury.It represents all those machinery and industry where wheel is used. It is also considered to be the master of chemical industry, including poisonous items and chemicals e.g. fertilizers, pesticides etc. which we use in our day to day life. It reflects the pungent gaseous smells. It gives sudden opportunities and makes one a risk taker and even good gamblers to bestow a windfall of wealth. When in a natal chart it is beneficial, there is none to stop him from taking the native to the top but at the same time its behavior is reverse also i.e. if it takes one to the top heights it takes no time in throwing the native down to the earth within no time. If it gives one a reputation of herculean heights it can also defame the native to the maximum extent. It is unpredictable in nature and makes one very egoistic which becomes the cause of one’s downfall. Its Gem Stone is Gamed.

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